Innovative And Gorgeous Ways To Use Leftover Tiles

So you ordered a few too many tiles. That’s okay! Leftover tiles, even if it’s just a few, have so many uses around the home. Get creative, because you don’t want to let them go to waste!

Craft A Mosaic Planter

Whether your tiles are broken or you just want to take out some stress with a hammer, small, cracked tiles make beautiful mosaic pieces. Grab a terracotta planting pot and super glue broken tiles in a beautiful design for an instantly upgraded garden piece.

Leftover Tiles

Mini Tile Trivet

Kitchen backsplashes are all the rage these days. If you DIYed your backsplash and ended up with a few too many tiles, make a coordinating trivet! These are so much prettier than regular pot holders.

Build A Planter Box

Travertine tiles are a beautiful addition inside, and now they can spruce things up outside! With five tiles, a bit of adhesive and these instructions from Decor It Darling, you’ll have a super cheap and chic planter in seconds.

Create A Tray

Imagine breakfast in bed coming your way in this pretty tray. This DIY from The Proper Blog uses a wood tray from the dollar section in Target, spray paint and a few other common goods to craft this adorable and versatile brunch-worthy staple.

Check here on how to make use of the leftover tiles.

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